Juicy Couture Outlet Online


Juicy Couture Outlet Online was founded in 1997, by Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy, as premium designer, marketer and wholesaler of sexy, fun, sophisticated basics. The California-based company is known worldwide for its casual-chic designs, high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Juicy Couture is embraced by fashionistas from all walks of life, and is also a celebrity favorite.

The Juicy Couture Outlet Online embodies all that is glam and girlie in casual wear, it lends itself to a relaxed and comfortable way of dressing. Juicy couture handbag is one designer handbag that girls like very much. Juicy Couture believes in celebrating all the wonderful things about being a girl. They believe that you can definitely have your cake and eat it too! "Be Happy, Wear Juicy." is a great saying in this Juicy Couture Outlet Online.

Although Juicy Couture Outlet Online started out as a women's sportswear line, it quickly branched out and began offering a full line of accessory products. It brings their signature style to their extraordinary line of womens shoes and girls'shoes. It offers a wide array of pumps, sandals, ballet-flats, slippers and boots to complement its apparel line.

The fashion range juicy couture outlet online is most popular in the Western Coast of USA because of the sports apparel and sweat suits they have for women. This line has reached to such heights that even celebrities wear them. Juicy Couture uses clothing such as fleece cashmere, terry and velour and is therefore a good option to buy.